O FUNDO SIFIDE II DE CRESCIMENTO RENTÁVELInvista até 31 de dezembro de 2021 e tenha acesso a um benefício fiscal por dedução à coleta de IRC

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Growth Inov
Growth Inov
Growth Inov – Fundo de Capital de Risco Fechado (“Growth Inov”) is a private equity fund that looks for innovative solutions resulting from R&D that can guarantee the target company intrinsic value and a growth strategy independent from macro or industry growth. The fund is incorporated for a fixed term under the terms and in accordance with Law no. 18/2015 of March 4, and regulated by CMVM. It is a private equity investment fund whose assets are used for the acquisition, for a limited period of time, of equity instruments and quasi equity in small and medium-sized companies developing R&D projects.

The fund is focused exclusively on companies certified by the National Agency for Innovation (ANI) as suitable for Research and Development (R&D), thus allowing the investors of Growth INOV to benefit from the tax incentive SIFIDE. The tax incentive SIFIDE allows corporate investors to benefit from a Corporate Income Tax (CIT) credit of up to 82,5% of the money invested in the Fund.

Through Growth Inov, GP Capital is actively contributing to increase the investment in R&D in Portugal. The subscription period ended in December 2021.

Growth INOV will invest in SMEs across all sectors in areas that meet global evolution and are aligned with major global trends. It seeks SMEs with significant growth opportunities, in which Portugal has clear competitive advantages, anticipating realistic exit opportunities. We are looking for companies with strong and diversified teams, with pertinent know-how and innovative solutions resulting from R&D.

Our investment will reinforce the target company’s investment in R&D and help in the transition from an R&D project to a global market growth strategy, whether it’s a product, service or a process.
Growth Inov Portfolio
Wecorp Industries
Wecorp Industries Group is a UK company that has developed a disruptive and patented technology for drones used in security and defence environments. Wecorp has incorporated a company in Portugal - Wedefence, Lda. - to lead a relevant part of the R&D development of the technology in Portugal.
Why Invest?
We see a distinct opportunity to bring state of the art technology and R&D to Portugal.
TimeStamp - Sistemas de Informação, S.A.
TimeStamp - Sistemas de Informação, S.A. is a Portuguese IT services company leader in the Iberian market implementing third party solutions, with headquarters in Lisbon and offices in Porto, Madrid and Amsterdam. The investment from Growth Inov will allow the company to enhance its investment in R&D and develop new technological solutions.
Why Invest?
We have identified an opportunity to support R&D in a prominent sector.
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Saúde Atlântica
Saúde Atlântica is a healthcare company with more than 90 years of experience in orthopedic treatments. The company is a market leader in the north of Portugal whose focus has shifted in the past several years to biotreatments, which have allowed the clinic to experience consistent growth.
Why Invest?
With almost a century of experience working within a highly resilient sector, we identify a solid potential to provide solutions for future trends.
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Agile Content is a leading provider of digital TV/OTT and video distribution solutions, managing the TV content and platforms of various telecommunication companies.
Why Invest?
Agile Content is a growing group in the over-the-top technology market (OTT) in Europe and Latin America, already providing services for more than 50 million homes.
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CAMPI&D is the R&D center of the Campicarn Group, the main player in the beef market in Portugal. Through 2 factories, the company sells to the largest retail chains present in Portugal.
Why Invest?
CAMPI&D, the company’s R&D center, will develop new products that will support the future growth, including vegan alternatives. The business plan aims at becoming one of the top iberian players.
Wedrone is a company engaged in aluminum smelting and subsequent production of components for the automotive industry.
Why Invest?
Wedrone is a well-known company in the automotive sector, selling for the most reputable brands in this segment. The business plan foresees the development of new products and the expansion to new markets and segments, with emphasis on the production of parts for electric vehicles.
Portuguese company of Nextil – a leading Spanish group in the textile sector – being one of the world's largest producers of knitted and elastic fabrics.
Why Invest?
Grupo Nextil, of which Playvest is a part, has recently invested in transitioning from the fast-fashion market to the luxury segment, capitalizing on its technological know-how and focusing on a segment with higher margins and better future prospects.