Growth One
Growth One is a venture capital investment fund focused on implementing innovation, growth and internationalization strategies in target companies. The fund’s assets are used for the acquisition, for a limited period of time, of equity instruments and quasi equity in small and medium-sized companies with high potential. The fund is incorporated for a fixed term under the terms and in accordance with Law no. 18/2015 of March 4, and regulated by CMVM.

Growth One is co-funded by Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento (IFD), a Portuguese Public Finance Institution, which allows the fund to increase in 100% the amount raised with private investors. With IFD funding, Growth One expands its investment capacity.

The fund seeks a balanced portfolio between later stage venture capital and private equity.

Growth One invests mainly in companies with solid financials, positive EBITDA, and a clear operational strategy in need of funding for expansion, market consolidation and new products targeting the Iberian market.
Growth One Portfolio
Timestamp International
Timestamp International is part of Timestamp Group, a Portuguese IT service company leader in the Iberian market implementing third party solutions. It has its headquarters in Lisbon and offices in Porto, Madrid and Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2003 by four former multinational executives.
Why Invest?
The growth of IT in our connected world is virtually indisputable. We see a clear opportunity to expand into Spain in this area.
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GRT - Consultancy & Human Resources
GRT is a new company that applies technological solutions for managing outsourced human resources.
Why Invest?
Unique technology in a market that will continue to grow in the coming years - we see immense potential in the combination of these two factors.
Argument Domain
Argument Domain is a Portuguese Company specialized in mobile mass market campaigns using sophisticated online tools.
Why Invest?
Applying unique technology to operate in a highly in demand marketplace.
Freshlog is a logistics company operating a warehouse for REEFER cargo that includes medicines, fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers and chocolates, while also providing associated logistics services.
Why Invest?
Working within a resilient sector, we have found a solid team with invaluable years of experience.