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Who We Are
A truly Iberian firm
Growth Partners Capital is a truly Iberian investment firm that is managing multiple private equity funds. Our clear focus is private equity with the objective to maximize profitable growth of companies, while securing downsize protection. We are sector agnostic: our focus is to acquire companies with a proven business model, a strong group of entrepreneurs, a moderate debt and a clear desire and strategy to accelerate profitable growth.
Investing beyond growth
With our investments, we strongly pursue an impact beyond growth in Iberia. We seek to generate profitable returns in Portugal and Spain maintaining a vision of sustainability, investing in companies and Funds that not only bring wealth to our investors, but also to the two countries where we work. This is important and exciting work for us, and it is a core part of our values.
Sound management skills
As investors with a managerial vision based on our previous experiences managing national and multinational companies, we aim to generate sound investment returns by following a systematic approach and combining a strong potential upsize with a clear downside protection. We seek to employ the best people, pursue the highest ethical standards, and align our interests with those of our investment partners.
A unique way of working: building synergies between our funds.
It is important to highlight the benefits of our way of working and our business model - which combines a strong and proven successful experience as financial investors with a unique management experience. Our three current funds and businesses are generating returns for our fund investors, but when they are paired, they create a powerful competitive advantage. We strongly believe that we have a unique way of working that is able to build synergies among our funds. We see our flexibility and our speed as a key differentiator, giving us the ability to align our interest with our fund investors, develop new investment strategies and support existing ones, entering into strategic transactions on our own behalf. When you partner with GP Capital, you benefit from our expertise in three main areas:
Iberian Expertise
Thanks to a multifunctional team of experts based in both Spain and Portugal, we have extensive knowledge of the mid-size market in the Iberian Peninsula.
With twenty years of experience as investors mainly in Spain and Portugal, each GP Capital team member brings unique perspectives and skilled financial knowledge.
Our team’s specific experience in differential management allows us to achieve interesting MoM multiples, while avoiding risks overleveraging the company.
Over €200M in Committed Capital
Through the 4 funds we currently manage, GP Capital has more than €200M in Committed Capital via the investment of over 290 investors since 2019.
We serve our investors and partners from our offices in Lisbon and Madrid. We are constantly improving and searching for new business opportunities, enhancing our current portfolio and finding the right exit at the right time for our companies. Simply put, we know how to make companies grow.