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In making each of our investments, we have identified two clear objectives that have proven to be two sides of the same coin. We consistently work to create long term value for investors, achieving profitable growth in our portfolio. We also recognize that succeeding in long-term sustainable returns is dependent on stable, well-functioning and well-governed social, environmental, public health and economic systems in Portugal and Spain. Understanding this interconnected relationship, we seek to invest in and develop companies that contribute to enhancing these fundamental sectors.

Sustainability is embedded in the core of GP Capital, both in our funds and throughout our portfolio. Our second fund, Growth Inov, is focused on R&D, a critical component for developing the Portuguese economy. This is especially true for small and mid-size companies, which are our targets. In this fund, we only invest in companies that have been qualified by ANI (Portuguese National Innovation Agency) after going through a very rigorous process.

Responsible Investments

Increasing cold storage capacity for export companies and guaranteeing all safety procedures is key for very demanding industries like pharmaceuticals and food producers.
The team has identified a clear opportunity in the export/import value chain which was the lack of cold storage capacity in Portugal, especially state-of-the-art infrastructures that are able to supply highly demanding sectors like pharma companies or food supply. Freshlog is a company that manages cold storage facilities in Portugal, with a strong focus on safety in terms of hygiene, controlled environments and also reliability. The managers behind Freshlog have relevant experience in the cold storage business, acquired from years of work.
Regenerative medicine is improving the quality of health in Portugal, and we are seeing just the beginning.
Portugal has already started using regenerative medicine and treatments, specifically the use of plasma rich in growth factors, also known as platelet rich plasma (PRGF/PRP). GP Capital saw this growing opportunity and decided to invest in Clínica do Dragão, the leader of regenerative medicine in Porto, Portugal. Our first objective with this investment is to make this regenerative medicine accessible to all Portuguese citizens. Currently, Clínica do Dragão has a solid presence in Porto, but has yet to grow into the rest of the country. Our second objective is to empower innovation by investing in R&D. At the moment, there is strong innovation in PRP and we see the immense potential to foster the same level of innovation within the field of stem cells. The potential for stem cells to be used in treating and understanding diseases is an international point of discussion and promoting R&D within this field is critical.
Wind energy is not just responsible, it is the future.
Decarbonizing the manufacturing industry and mitigating the effects of climate change are just two reasons why GP Capital has decided to invest in Terral Wind, as a way to foster the development of wind energy. While several companies are working from the bottom up on projects with potential, we have found that there is both a lack of capital and management skills at this early stage. GP Capital has been able to partner with an experienced team working alongside the largest global wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on projects in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. We intend to support the increase of wind energy capacity around the world, always guaranteeing the best quality and safety standards.
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